Passchendaele Centenary

In 2017 I worked with Kate Dawkins Studio as lead animator to create animations for the BBC Passchendaele Centenary event in Ypres, Belgium. The animations were projected onto the 125m x 70m Cloth hall building, in the centre of the market square, as live theatre and musical performances took place.

Client: DCMS/BBC
Production Company: Kate Dawkins Studio
Technology partner: Creative Technology Limited
Event management: The H Power Group
Content creative director: Kate Dawkins
Content senior producer: Jayne Hobart
Content designers: Kate Dawkins, Roxanne Silverwood, Alex Carvalho
Lead animator: Martin Stacey
Animators: Sam Williams, Pete Mellor, Luke Busby, James Cook, Ben Ramasami
Sound design: Dan Savage
Talbot House photographer: James Medcraft

© Set Live / Kate Dawkins Studio

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