I’ve always felt separated from other realms of consciousness by the thinnest of veils. This meant as a kid I was labelled “imaginative”, and as a teenager “weird/different/thinks a lot”. Although I was doing my best Jim Morrison impression by pretending (most of the time) to be stoned and quoting Nietzsche and Baudelaire, so I do accept some of the responsibility for that one.

But as I got older I started to think that maybe there was no greater meaning or purpose. Maybe life was pointless. I became numb, disconnected from joy, and started to watch life from the sidelines.

It wasn’t until I started to explore Psychedelics that I was finally able to look behind the curtain. I saw that we are all one unified consciousness creating reality for our own enjoyment. That life is a succession of magic tricks we’re performing to ourselves to make us smile.

I’d always thought my goal was to transcend to a higher plane. But it turned out all I had to do was help myself and others enjoy this one.

Simple. But this wasn’t a magic wand that solved all my problems. So I went back to ask, again. And again. And every time I got the same answer:

“I told you last time, you’re supposed to be back there enjoying yourself.”

Now, I know there’s only so many times you can ask someone something before they lose patience (even if they are the grand unified consciousness of the universe) so I had to stop looking for the loophole that meant I could go straight to enlightenment and figure out how to use this knowledge in my life.

I went to therapy and started to meditate and practice yoga. These tools have given me a path to follow, a way to stay connected to joy and integrate what I’ve learnt into my life. 

These days when I’m not working, most of my time is spent pretending to be a dinosaur/lion/bear with my sons, who remind me every day of the amazing magic tricks life has to offer.

I love being creative + The Doors + thinking + The Chemical Brothers + Stanley Kubick + comedy + yoga + meditation + psychedelics + my family

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